Polymerase chain reaction is a powerful and one of the most important techniques in molecular biology by which specific DNA sites containing copies of the target genes are amplified in a short period of time (2-3 hours). This way millions of copies of a target DNA molecule are created, so that they can be visualized on a gel or be quantified.

Today, PCR and qPCR are used successfully in identification of human, animal and plant diseases, DNA copy number and viral load determination, genotyping, gene expression and so on.

OxGen can help you design your molecular testing laboratory, so that contamination is avoided. Our company’s experienced and highly qualified staff can assist you in bringing PCR and qPCR to your laboratory by helping you with assay design and development and, if required, assay validation.

Our Services:

  • DNA extraction from difficult matrices (gram positive bacteria, plant material, fatty animal tissue);
  • Primer design and optimization;
  • Assay design, optimization and validation;
  • Quality control and documentation for clinical and diagnostic laboratories;
  • Document control.